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October 20, 2008


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国内高校职称中有一级为讲师,随着和国外交流的增多,在与国外同行交流的时候,讲师这个词也经常被翻译(直译)为Lecturer印在名片上,但这个译法对于主要从事科研工作的高校教师其实不太妥当。Lecturer这个词本意上强调教师的授课资格要多一些,实际上比较适合主要是作为教学系列的教师,而对于从事研究工作的教师来说,assistant professor用来与讲师对应才比较合适,虽然直译为助理教授,但实际上与我们常说的助教不是一回事。所以说,讲师、副教授、教授分别对应为assistant professor, associate professor和professor,这样翻译比较正确。下面是一段英文的解释了What’s difference between associate professor and assistant professor?
Let’s use lay terms to understand the differences. When we apply for a job, the position may be a temporary contract job for 6 months. It may be a permanent job forever, but we must pass the probation first. Temporary position for professorship is an adjunct professorship. Sometimes, a full time well known professor from a famous university can go to another university to join a research program for a few months to a few years. Anyway, all adjunct professors are temporary. An assistant professorship is an entry level position for new PhD graduates. He/she must work hard to produce enough research publications to obtain his/her tenure, like passing a probation. An associate professor has passed his tenure (probation) and is a full time permanent staff, though his position is still junior. A professor is a tenure permanent full time staff and is more senior by promotion.


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