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June 24, 2010

卢森堡(28)- World Cup Betting Competition

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World cup betting competition 2010 with some friends:
http://wcbc2010.50webs.com/ – many thanks to Robert!

Almost always be the first :DDD

28.06.2010 (08:10)
   Again weekend and again no time to update the page. But now all is in place.
   And still Wensong on the lead!
   NOTE: If you still didn’t send me your bets for 1/8 final matches or for places, there is
   a chance for you…
25.06.2010 (07:20)
   Wensong again on the first position!
   We’re getting close to the 1/8 of final. Get ready for the betting in final phase and places!
   The betting forms should arrive today.
24.06.2010 (07:50)
   Rafik and Wensong on the lead!
22.06.2010 (07:50)
   Wensong and Houssein on the lead!
   We are entering now the last group phase – I am collecting your bets.
   We also already know that some teams will qualify, and some will not (for sure).
   You can check it in the view of each group.
18.06.2010 (22:40)
   Today it was very difficult to get any points – many result surprises…
   Carito with Wensong still on the lead!
18.06.2010 (7:30)
   And again the first place needs to be shared. This time between Carito and Wensong!
   BTW, Heidi yesterday decided which team she supports 😉
16.06.2010 (15:25)
   And all is back to "normal" – Wensong on the lead 😉
16.06.2010 (7:45)
   So now the first place needs to be shared between Katarzyna and Wensong 😉
   If you still don’t know how to use vuvzela (or lepatata), take a look!
   Today I received the bets from Damien. So now we are 14, with Wensong on the lead!
   I have also added in the section "Participants" some statistics concerning all of us.



  1. 你得第一有奖金么?我想要十张明信片啊,欧洲列国。。。。哇咔咔

    Comment by 肥猫 — June 25, 2010 @ 12:05 PM

  2. the first prize is a tour around ten european countries, so it’s no any problems for ten postcards …

    Comment by Vinson — June 25, 2010 @ 5:01 PM

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