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June 26, 2010

卢森堡(30)- Running once more

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Run again at 1:00 PM, but i did not expect it’s so hot today. After 11 loops, i felt very bad, nearly had a heat stroke …… perhaps it due to sitting up late at night recently, or just hot? i don’t know, anyway, a few minutes of rest made me recover.

GPS route map is shown as above, statistical data is as follows:

Stade Emile Mayrisch  Type:  Run 
Date:  06/26/2010 
Start:  07:55:57  End:  08:31:02 
Time Taken:  00:35:05 
Workout Route:  Stade Emile Mayrisch 
Total Distance:  4.61 km. 
Workout Stats
23:08 (min)    07:37 (avg)    04:20 (max) 
Speed:  2.59 (km/hr) (min)    7.88 (km/hr) (avg)    13.84 (km/hr) (max)



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  1. too 牛 X

    Comment by 肥猫 — June 28, 2010 @ 5:54 PM

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